Our digital teams fuse technology and design-led thinking to create meaningful real-world solutions.

Our digital teams fuse technology and design-led thinking to create meaningful real-world solutions.

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Our digital teams fuse technology and design-led thinking to create meaningful real-world solutions.

UX & Design.

With two decades of experience in designing digital products and apps, our designers are committed to creating solutions that not only meet business objectives, but also enhance the overall human experience for the better.
Design Services

Design services.

A global team of designers that specialise in a variety of product design needs, including: ideation, proof of concepts, functionality mapping, prototypes, iconography, user research and personas, animations, developer assets and Implementation reviews.
Design Strategy

Design strategy.

Over the years we have tinkered, toyed and refined our design strategy to three key areas: Understanding our client's business, goals, values and needs. Understanding the technology driving and shaping the industry. Understanding the needs of specific users, and how current wider-trends have shaped their expectations. This has led to some really meaningful outcomes for our clients.

Looking for more design services? We have an award-winning, multi-discipline studio for UI, UX, Branding & Motion.

Products & Experience.

Dedicated Product Team

Dedicated product team.

Our committed product development team serves as your strategic ally in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. From engineers to designers, our collective expertise spans across various industries, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving. We meticulously design every product to be intuitive, user-friendly, and visually stunning.
Product Development Strategy

Product development strategy.

We understand that user experience directly equates to customer service. Our collaborative product development process conceives compelling digital solutions fashioned by user data and analysis. Creative design and innovative technologies are developed side by side—each piece is crafted to fit together perfectly.
Product and user testing

Product and user testing.

Our QA team works closely with our designers, developers, and project managers to identify and address any potential issues early in the development process, resulting in faster delivery times, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
Creating Conversational Experiences

Creating conversational experiences.

Working together, the experiences we create with our clients not only achieve their business goals, but are a delight to use and help reinforce brand loyalty and position in the market.

Data & AI.

Our team enables your enterprise by scaling platforms for accelerated and accurate decision-making. Every decision needs to extend a foundation of trust, technology, and customer understanding. We co-innovate to deliver positive outcomes and offer proven project experience in the following areas:
Data Engineering

Data Engineering.

Deliver business value across your data ecosystem by creating and protecting trusted sources, while accelerating connections across your data flow between customers and suppliers leveraging RPA and Intelligent Automation.
Analytics and Insight

Analytics and Insight.

Elevate decision making and drive scalable efficiencies leveraging selected KPls, storytelling, data integration, and interactive dashboards.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning.

Enable predictive models to deliver business outcomes at scale for your customers, leveraging your data and available technology accelerators.
Generative Al

Generative Al.

Transform and elevate Customer Experiences, built on a foundation of trusted insight. We co-innovate to deliver guided copilots and agents that can streamline and elevate work, while inspiring creative solutions.

Development & Cloud.

Development Services

Development services.

Specializing in software development across a comprehensive spectrum of technologies, our expertise spans from front-end ideation and prototyping to a full suite of back-end, database, and QA services. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously crafted and seamlessly integrated, resulting in a robust and high-quality solution.
Enterprise integrations

Enterprise integrations.

Modernize your integration approach to reduce the chaos and increase agility. Ascendum will help your organization unlock the power of data integrations and incrementally take your organization to the next level of success. Our expert team will help you build scalable integrations that resolve current pain-points and map a pathway to achieving your longer-term goals. We execute with a follow-the-sun model to reduce time-to-market and cost containment.

Strategy & Innovation.

Welcome to the intersection of innovation, strategy, and technology. As a leading software development, design, and data engineering firm, we are committed to empowering our clients in their digital transformation journey.
Business architecture

Business architecture.

We gain a deep understanding of your unique vision, the nuances of your industry, and the dynamics of your competitors. This allows us to craft digital solutions that not only integrate harmoniously with your overarching business strategy but also provide you with a competitive edge.
Innovation workshops

Innovation workshops.

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its challenges. We specialize in creating compelling digital experiences that resonate with your target audiences.

Microsoft Solutions. We maximize your MS 365 investments.

Reimagine your Microsoft 365 user experience, build world-class
solutions and ensure your platforms are secure, governed, and supported.
We offer multiple Office 365 services, including migration services (Azure, AWS), security and governance, business applications and ongoing support.
Microsoft migration services.

Microsoft migration services.

At Ascendum, we do MS365 migrations every day. Why hire a consultant? We will help you take advantage of all your data to make your users more productive. Move from on-prem into the cloud.

Services overview

• Project Management
• Exchange
• SharePoint/OneDrive
• Slack | Teams
• Best Practices Templates, Accelerators and Tools
• Non-Microsoft Emails

Microsoft governance services.

Microsoft governance services.

Why put the burden of Microsoft governance on your highly trained IT team? Let Ascendum’s experienced Office 365 team do it for you.

Services overview

• Configuration
• Policy Setting Review & Recommendations
• License Review
• Establish Governance & Education Site
• Quick Start Service Governance Template Integrated with Microsoft Learning Pathways

Microsoft business applications.

Microsoft business applications.

We work as an extension of your team to build powerful Microsoft tools, ensure they are installed correctly, and train your team to maintain them and build their own.

Services overview

• Custom Microsoft Power Apps
• Data Analytics & Visualizations
• Powerful Virtual Agents
• Microsoft Power Platforms
• Generative AI
• Custom Software Solutions

Microsoft support services.

Microsoft support services.

Navigating the digital world can be challenging, but with Ascendum, you do not have to do it alone. We provide comprehensive Microsoft 365 support services that empower your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Services overview

• Support Coud/Infrastructure
• Policy Management
• Education & Service Adoption
• Configure/Support Retention & Security Strategies
• Automated Governance of SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Environments
• Escalation for Complex Issues Uncovered by Users
• Assistance Implementing New Serves (e.g. Power Platform)
• COE Periodic Review of Service-Based Policies
• Enforcement of Client Governance Policies
• Configuration Expertise for all M365 Services

Talent Placement.

At Ascendum, we excel not only in finding but also in training specialized talent capable of making exciting and innovative impacts on businesses. Our commitment goes beyond placement—we ensure that the staff we provide is encouraged, and engaged because we firmly believe that a happy staff produces the best work, creating a win-win situation.
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Digital contacts.


Executive Vice President
Digital - Sales

About Uday

Uday leads teams to deliver growth in revenue through Sales Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Establishing new logos and Farming for growth. Over the years, he has helped teams package a message that resonates with clients and executed them for success. His work delivers the valuations that makes capital events happen.


Vice President
Digital  - Sales

About Loran

Loran is on a mission to spark positive transformations through mentorship and leadership. Beginning her journey as an entrepreneur in 2004, she founded a childcare center, crafting a vibrant career as a business owner.

After a thriving decade, Loran pivoted into Business Development, immersing herself in the dynamic realm of Digital Solutions. In the past 12+ years, she's cultivated trust in relationships, guiding both large corporations and startups to surmount challenges and achieve unique milestones. Join Loran on a journey that seamlessly weaves entrepreneurship, mentorship, and digital innovation.


Vice President
Microsoft Office Solutions

About Rich

Rich is a senior delivery executive successful in building and leading sales, marketing, and technical teams for multi-faceted organizations. Rich is a proven performer who moves easily from vision and strategy to implementation and follow through with precision and determination.


Associate Vice President
Digital - APAC Sales

About Sandipan

Information here

Case Studies.

Digital Solutions

Empowering cities for smart parking using IoT.

At any point in time, one-third of the traffic in a crowded downtown area is searching for parking. When city planners need to plan for parking revenue, utilization of existing assets and creating new revenue models are crucial.
Digital Solutions

We developed a global footwear companies award-winning app, Greenhouse. Driving new trends and youth culture.

Our client is a multinational brand and a leader in the sports casual market. They have thousands of stores globally and are partners with the largest brands in product and distribution. Their internal innovation team wanted to launch a private label that could cater to the needs of millennials.
Digital Solutions

A secure, reliable and anonymous ratings system for any industry or venue. Designed and built by Ascendum.

In recent years, there has been a real cultural shift towards reporting or highlighting anything that would have a cause for concern within the public space. This included reporting concerns about practices or policies in the workplace or school environment. However, there was no efficient and anonymous way to log such issues quickly.
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