Simplifying a prescription drug coverage portal with intuitive UI.

Simplifying a prescription drug coverage portal with intuitive UI.

The brief.

The client launched a new Pharmacy benefit manager to help simplify prescription drug coverage. They needed an intuitive client portal and web interface offering a one-stop location for payers and employer groups to seamlessly interact with a growing suite of tools. The greatest challenge was creating an intuitive navigation system that would permit global access to both new and existing services via SSO. The current system had a very complex and convoluted registration process for multiple services that catered to varying user types. They needed the portal to be executed in a way that feels cohesive, but they lacked control and ownership of the design language and styling for several linked services.

Our approach.

• Ascendum collaborated with the enterprise’s internal team to ensure the needed data was being captured, PHI regulations were upheld, and security measures were in place to deliver encrypted registration data safely and effectively to the appropriate verification teams

• Ascendum’s data engineering team quickly redeveloped and implemented a global navigation, marketing, registration, and verification solution

• Designed an extensive module solely for bill presentment and payment features from the ground up

• A leading data analysis and a user story creation process were developed in parallel to the UX/UI design.

I can’t say enough how much value your team is bringing to the client portal experience. The team goes above and beyond and without them, I can say, we’d be 90% behind where we are today. I am very happy to have them part of our team.

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The outcome.

A completely redesigned prescription portal that removed barriers, personalized experiences, and improved health outcomes.

• An integrated
& intuitive web interface for pharmacy benefits management for multiple users

• Beautiful UX/UI design improved customer service & a unified brand look across all services

Simplifying a prescription drug coverage portal with intuitive UI.