Rebranding the Ascendum identity to strategically align the design with our ethos.

Rebranding the Ascendum identity to strategically align the design with our ethos.

The brief.

In 2019, Ascendum embarked on a successful rebranding journey, introducing our 'Develop Beyond' ethos and a distinctive visual identity tailored to each department's uniqueness.

In 2024, our brand teams set out on a mission to transition from a departmental structure to a unified team, known as 'One Ascendum', leveraging the diverse talents scattered across our organization to form one cohesive and exceptionally talented team.

We needed to reignite the spirit of 'Develop Beyond',which had somewhat waned over time. Furthermore,this presented an ideal opportunity to infuse the'Develop Beyond' ethos into all our company assets, revitalizing our brand essence across the board.

Our approach.

We focused on driving the ‘Develop Beyond’ message, infusing it with purpose, and streamlining the branding to reduce clutter. ‘Develop Beyond’ celebrates people, collaborations, small victories, and meaningful moments. To effectively convey this, we adopted a more concise and engaging copywriting approach for leading statements and messaging. Our goal was to incorporate a progressive statement that can culminate with ‘Develop Beyond’. The visual identity was designed to be clean and premium, featuring a minimalistic aesthetic that can adapt easily to various contexts.

Reimagined our Ethos

We crafted a dynamic vision for the presentation of 'Develop Beyond,' marked by creativity that knows no bounds. Usually beginning with 'Today,' each iteration unfolds with a concise statement highlighting our accomplishments or forthcoming triumphs, allowing us to infuse creativity to everything.

Created a supporting visual identity

We devised a sleek new visual identity system, seamlessly blending the branding into black or white to symbolize unity under 'one ascendum,' transcending departmental distinctions. The visual identity, characterized by its cleanliness and simplicity, serves as an ideal canvas for our copy-driven concept to flourish.

Collaborated with teams

Throughout the process, we maintained constant communication and collaboration with teams and stakeholders, prioritizing their input to ensure that their voices resonated in the new approach. Our commitment to inclusivity made the transition to 'one ascendum' a truly collaborative endeavor, fostering a sense of belonging among all involved parties.

Designing our own branding and leveraging every fantastic resource available at Ascendum to do so has been a brilliant experience. Rebuilding and refreshing design assets from scratch means we have been able to strategically align it more with our 'Develop Beyond' ethos and showcase the diverse talent, daily progressions, and innovations within our teams in a creative way. Our aim is to create a more premium and inclusive visual platform with personality, and we are excited about further growing the Ascendum brand to become the most recognizable within our industry.

Jon Plumb

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The outcome.

A rebrand represents a comprehensive undertaking, touching numerous aspects of the company.

With the introduction of the new branding, the very essence of 'Develop Beyond' has undergone a profound transformation, now serving as the guiding principle infusing meaning into every facet of our operations, while empowering every individual at Ascendum to showcase their advancements.The adoption of the 'one ascendum' approach has fostered a greater sense of unity among our team members, facilitating the exchange of expertise and knowledge in an environment characterized by inclusivity and a broadened perspective.

This collective ethos allows us to learn from one another, thereby enriching our collective journey towards progress.

Digital and Print Assets

Our brand team has proactively implemented Brand Guardianship across all digital and print assets, seamlessly integrating them into our daily operations. With the introduction of a refreshed logo and lockup, as well as a Digital Business Card App and Email signature product, teams can effortlessly produce assets while upholding brand consistency. Furthermore, we've revitalized our social pages to reflect unity and developed new templates to support
our initiatives.

Presentation Materials

Client presentations serve as the visual embodiment of our identity to our clients, making it imperative that they were redesigned based on feedback to enable our teams to swiftly turnaround presentations.

Event and Promotional Materials

We revamped our event approach to command attention amidst a busy visual arena, complementing it witha selection of promotional items that exude our sleek, premium aesthetic.


Our brand team took on the task of building our website, marking a significant milestone for us as it allowed for the seamless integration of design and development processes.

Rebranding the Ascendum identity to strategically align the design with our ethos.