Empowering cities for smart parking using IoT.

Empowering cities for smart parking using IoT.

The brief.

At any point in time, one-third of the traffic in a crowded downtown area is searching for parking. When city planners need to plan for parking revenue, utilization of existing assets and creating new revenue models are crucial. For consumers, the inability to find parking spaces leads to frustration. Lack of nearby parking also affects local business adversely. Ascendum worked with our client to build a dynamic solution that helped city planners, customers and local businesses alike.

Our approach.

We built a Hybrid Smart Parking Platform that combined existing city parking data with a IoT solution that provided a unified, interactive view of real-time parking demand and city-wide parking guidance. By deploying the IoT solution, any modern city can now effectively facilitate sophisticated analysis, planning and implementation of custom smart-parking programs to achieve ambitious transportation and mobility goals. Ascendum developed and supported the platform until it was successfully launched and piloted in the Greater Los Angeles city metro area.

Working with the teams at Ascendum, we have built a world-class hybrid cloud, excellent mobile app and a real-time analytics dashboard. The Ascendum team is our partner in product excellence.

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The outcome.

The Ascendum team consisted of experts in design, backend development, mobile integrations and performance testing.We built the product in an agile fashion and in a record time. The solution was quickly deployed, first in Europe and then in the North American market.

• 126% Increase in parking turnover

• 200% Increase in officer productivity

• 37% Reduction in citations contested

• 19% Increase in compliance

• Data driven decisions for effective enforcement & productivity management

Remote operation, data integrationand analytics

Enabled customers to remotely control and optimize their assets to reduce operational costs. Integrated real-time usage data with analytics to discover new insights.

Rapid IoT and mobile app development

Developed, distributed, and managed IoT and mobile applications that supported rapid development, high-code reuse, continuous change and process improvement.

Secure IoT operations management

Established a scalable system to provision and deploy assets, secure and managed endpoint access, and provide analytics to operate with agility in an evolving environment.

Product and asset connectivity

Leveraged pre-authored device drivers and connectivity services to connect and manage diverse endpoints via third-party device clouds and open APIs.

Empowering cities for smart parking using IoT.