Efficient back-office support to a leading US consumer finance lender

Efficient back-office support to a leading US consumer finance lender.

The brief.

In the summer of 2021, a leading consumer finance lender was experiencing an overwhelming spike in mortgage lending volumes and refinances. They were also facing manpower shortages, increased hiring and operating costs, stringent training timelines, and an ever-increasing backlog of mortgage loans that needed processing. They needed a true partner more than a third-party vendor to help them get a handle on the high work inflow and skyrocketing operating costs.

Our approach.

Ascendum delivered not only the knowledge and experience which the leading US consumer finance lender needed as a priority, but also a dependable team that could work on short notice to meet the challenges which company was facing and that needed urgent resolutions. Engaging Ascendum for these services enabled Americo to grow their current business with greater efficiency, accuracy, and turnaround time, with the added benefit of reduced operating costs.

Thorough development

Quickly developed a thorough understanding the companies pain areas during the initial connects especially those pertaining to volume spikes and manpower needs.

Rapid deployment

We rapidly deployed the necessary manpower to manage their growth in a short span of time while sustaining the desired quality level.

Important partnership

Ascendum continues to be an important partner by helping the company manage these functions while also assisting them on urgent and rush projects.

Partnering with you guys has been the best decision we have made. You are doing an excellent job, and we plan on giving you several more projects in the coming weeks.

Ashleigh Rocha

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The outcome.

Ascendum team continually meets or exceeds its SLA to the business, delivering projects on or before their set deadlines. The leading US consumer finance lender has demonstrated its confidence in Ascendum by engaging us in several ongoing projects.

Diligent in delivering

Authorization to Communicate (ATC) letters to appropriate creditors on time, meticulously reviewing and uploading settlement letters from these creditors.


We ensured the accuracy of customer enrollment documents and adherence to defined guidelines.

HR support

Our services extend to providing HR support, which includes updating employee details in HR applications, preparing promotion and compensation letters, and managing background check documents among other HR functions.

High quality standards

We maintained high quality standards by conducting thorough checks on funded loans to ensure compliance with guidelines.


We successfully assisted the company in various compliance-related projects such as TILA Validation, TRID Review, LoanPro Validation, and Customer Identification Program (CIP) Review, all within strict delivery timelines.

Efficient back-office support to a leading US consumer finance lender