Easy and intuitive way for members to find the best medication prices at pharmacies near them.

Easy and intuitive way for members to find the best medication prices at pharmacies near them.

The brief.

Provide a post-registration welcome experience aimed at optimizing pharmacy benefits for members. The goal was to create a basket list of their medications and present the lowest cost options to ensure members get the best use of their pharmacy benefits. This includes a way for the members to customize their methods of communication and potential future interactions.

Our approach.

The Ascendum Team diligently navigated detailed requirements, asked critical questions, and established a realistic roadmap for seamless execution.Collaboratively working hand-in-hand with the Senior Product Director, we were able to innovate and elevate the user-centric experience even further. All the while, achieving milestones well before the due dates.

Seamless User Centric Design

We created a seamless, user-centric design for both desktop and responsive web platforms to enhance the user experience through the medication pricing and ordering process.

Data Driven Cost Comparison

We implemented robust business logic to analyze member data effectively,  ensuring accurate cost comparisons across multiple pharmacies and highlighting the lowest cost option for each medication.

Proof it Works

We conducted extensive testing to ensure functionality across multiple use cases and ensure effective member messaging.


With a deep understanding of the user’s journey, we tailored the welcome experience to guide members through the process of pricing, and ordering, their medications at the best value.

We have leaned on the Ascendum team to reimagine our member facing Welcome Experience by making it user-centric that aligns with business goals. The Ascendum team has gone above and beyond to ensure that our experience is easy to use and speaks to the members as to why it’s important. They have proposed solutions to help drive efficient code and reduce time to market in the future. They are collaborative and knowledgeable. They are an absolute pleasure to work with! Senior Product Director
Innovative Pharmacy Benefits Manager

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The outcome.

Our collaboration resulted in a tailored welcome experience that helps the members maximize their benefits while driving business growth and improving user satisfaction.

Enhanced User Experience

We presented the lowest cost options by providing guided value-based information, which increased the value of the member's experience of their pharmacy benefits.

Increased Value and Satisfaction

With transparent drug pricing, displayed in an easily consumable fashion, the experience leads to increased trust and loyalty towards the brand.

The Target

The implementation will increase adjusted script volume to the mail order pharmacy by 24K within 3 months, increase member task completion rate within 3 months.

Easy and intuitive way for members to find the best medication prices at pharmacies near them.