Developed a simplified employee portal for a Fortune 500 health insurance company.

Developed a simplified employee portal for a Fortune 500 health insurance company.

The brief.

A leading Health insurance company enterprise utilizes a corporate intranet portal where employees search for information and resources.The organization has 60,000+ employees, excluding contractors. A key challenge to using the portal was its inaccessibility from mobile devices. Employees couldn’t find information they needed on the go without connecting to the internal network. This challenge gave way to an exciting opportunity to develop a more personalized and human-centric mobile experience.

Our approach.

The Ascendum Digital team solved the problem by creating an interactive mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, designed to form better bonds with colleagues, the company and its communities.

People Focused

The home screen dynamically adapts and brings together all relevant information significant to company employees such as Featured News, Wall of Fame, and Office Location information.

Company Focused

The Org Chart feature provides a simplified and intuitive environment to easily visualize each departmental relationship within the company.

Community Focused

A day’s worth of activities for students.

Optimized search

An ever-present search bar for bringing information and insights together.

Exciting Future Feature Updates (post-MVP) include:

• Likes and Comments

• Video and Audio Posts

• Profile Personalization

• Dark Mode

Great work so far! We extend our thanks to the entire Ascendum design team.

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The outcome.

The app launched internally 2020  to a pilotuser group of associates and keystakeholders.  It soon launched companywide with great success and admiration. The innovative app now brings the heart ofthe enterprise to the associates’ fingertipswhile on the go.It is available for iOS and Android.

• 8 weeks, time from idea to app stores

• Human centered design to build community and culture

• 11 marketable features that represent most used functionality

Clean, Modular Design

Allowing us to adapt the home content around the needs of the users.

User Centric Visuals

Big vivid images are used throughout to emphasize that the experience was centered around colleagues.


The organization chart lets users explore the company structure and when they’re done they can return home with one easy long-press gesture.

Extra Care

Over 300 location images were managed by hand to get the look we desired while restricted by APIs.

Developed a simplified employee portal for a Fortune 500 health insurance company.