Automation of a machine to machine (M2M) platform for a leading vending retailer.

Automation of a machine to machine (M2M) platform for a leading vending retailer.

The brief.

Addressing the challenges faced by the global leader in vending commerce, Ascendum focused on revitalizing the software testing team. The client, known for its innovative Bezel technology for payment processing in vending machines and a suite of operational management products, was encountering delays in product launches due to prolonged regression testing cycles. Ascendum took on the task of optimizing the testing processes to overcome bottlenecks, enhance efficiency, and ensure timely releases. The goal was to streamline testing operations, reduce cycle times, and contribute to a more agile and responsive testing environment for the client's vending machine software products.

Our approach.

Over the past seven years, Ascendum has solidified its role as a trusted product-testing partner for the client, establishing an end-to-end testing capability. This comprehensive testing approach encompasses unit, functional, and regression testing, ensuring thorough evaluation of the client's products. The testing suite has evolved with the integration of automation, enhancing efficiency and coverage. Notably, Ascendum has extended its testing services to encompass new product lines, demonstrating ongoing collaboration and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the client's business.

We built a product for a global audience that has increased engagement and accelerated the digital sales channel. Ascendum has been our product development partner throughout this amazing journey over the past five years

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The outcome.

By implementing quality assurance optimization and automation solutions, Ascendum played a pivotal role in enhancing the client's QA processes. This strategic approach led to significant improvements, enabling the vending payment giant to bring high-quality products to market at an accelerated pace. Ascendum's ongoing commitment to delivering pioneering QA solutions underscores its dedication to maintaining product quality and fostering consumer confidence for its client.

• 78% of the code uses automated testing resulting in reduced regression times

• Testing Automation building automation for testing at the API level to ensure that their team can start building test cases

• Telemetry Test through automation optimizing the product experience

Automation of a machine to machine (M2M) platform for a leading vending retailer.