An OTT Platform expansion for Jewelry Television.

An OTT Platform expansion for Jewelry Television.

The brief.

A company specialising in jewelry television came to Ascendum to take their current OTT platform offering from two platforms and increase them to six in total. This allowed their live show to reach more potential customers overall. Additionally with the expansion of the platforms, we refined the functionality to be specific to each native platform making for a more familiar user experience.

Our approach.

We rapidly accelerated the business by delivering the six apps in mobile, web, and OTT platforms. This has significantly increased the reach and accessibility of the platform to their customer base. Ascendum delivered the completed project in only three months.

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The outcome.

Transforming and accelerating the business using mobile, web and OTT/VOD platforms.

86 Million Subscribed Users

The platforms attracted a substantial user base, with 86 million users subscribing to the platform.

7.5 Million Gem Packages Sold Annually

The business achieved significant sales success, with 7.5 million gem packages sold each year, indicating strong customer engagement and revenue generation.

An OTT Platform expansion for Jewelry Television.