A secure, reliable and anonymous ratings system for any industry or venue. Designed and built by Ascendum.

A secure, reliable and anonymous ratings system for any industry or venue. Designed and built by Ascendum.

The brief.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a real cultural shift towards reporting or highlighting anything that would have a cause for concern within the public space. This included reporting concerns about practices or policies in the workplace or school environment. However, there was no efficient and anonymous way to log such issues quickly.

The most common platforms for rating typically include Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, or similar platforms that require a login and involve disclosing a certain level of personal data or persona.

There is market gap for a platform that allows users to remain anonymous while reporting both positive and negative experiences, even if they were reporting on their own workplace. The rating data would be made publicly available to influence others' decisions on where to shop
or visit and to encourage companies to elevate their standards.

Our approach.

The first step was to create a name and brand. We decided on a communal name of ‘Safe Raters’ that suggests a community. Then, we began the process of figuring out the best way a community could rate quickly within a few seconds on the go, at any public space or workplace.

We decided upon a simple mobile ratings app, using contactless Apple app clip capabilities to simply tap your phone on NFC media and rate within a few taps. We felt this would be the most user-friendly approach. It required no login or signup; you just needed the app and could give a quick star rating and feedback if you wanted to.

We developed this, and it was quickly approved by Apple.

Safe Raters is a pioneering Ascendum product, born from the pandemic but designed for universal application well into the future. We take pride in offering a platform that enables customers and workers to provide honest and anonymous feedback to improve service.

Jon Plumb

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The outcome.

Our 5-second rating system was trialed among an office environment with a well-designed set of materials that could be branded to any company or institution. It was also tested at public events, and the data gathered enabled usto develop the idea further.

The marriage of digital product and brand, all completely internal, was extremely strong. Even post-pandemic, the product remains relevant in helping to ensure workplace and environmental safety and standards anonymously.

Safe Raters is a versatile Ascendum product and iswidely available for usage on request.

Areas of specific recognition:

Brand design

The Curio team named and branded the product


iOS and Android versions of the Safe Raters App

NFC Materials

Created various Near field communication materials that can be co-branded to any company or institution

Apple App Clips

A pioneer of the Apple App Clips feature

Data & Analytics

Each rating provides metadata visualizedin a user-friendly dashboard

Product Versatility

Can be used in: Retail, Education, Construction, Healthcare, Hotels, Sports, Banking, Business, Transport, Food & Drink, Venues and more.

A secure, reliable and anonymous ratings system for any industry or venue. Designed and built by Ascendum.